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Bijan Tadayon, Ph.D., J.D. (CEO, cofounder)

 Dr. Tadayon has been involved with several startup hi-tech companies and their technologies. Currently, his focus is on research and development in artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, pattern recognition, classifiers, machine learning, neural networks, efficient/fast image analysis/processing algorithms, deep image analysis, video analysis, object recognition, face recognition, soft computing, Fuzzy Logic, information theory, analytics, Big Data analysis, information reliability, search engines, and application of images in ad networks.

 For 5 years, he was the one of the inventors and the Director of Intellectual Properties at ContentGuard, Inc., a major DRM company, which is a Xerox-PARC spin-off, jointly invested by Microsoft, Time Warner, and Thomson.

 He cofounded an educational multi-media software game company. He worked for the US Naval Research Lab for more than 5 years, as a semiconductor researcher. In the early 1990s, he and his brother designed and fabricated the fastest transistor in the world in its class.

 He has expertise and experience in many diverse technical fields, including artificial intelligence, image recognition, Deep Learning, Digital Rights Management (DRM), encryption, semiconductors, transistors, and software game. He has had more than 80 technical journal publications and presentations and more than 100 pending or issued US and foreign patents in various technical fields. He has also participated in various scientific and technical conference program committees.

 He got his Ph.D. degree from Cornell University (related to semiconductors and circuits, with Prof. Lester Eastman). He got his BS degree in Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell, ranking second in his Class.

 He got his law degree from Georgetown Law School. He has given 25 invited technical and IP lectures at the US Patent Office. He was involved in the Patent Office Training Advisory Board and Work Sharing Roundtable at the US Patent Office (USPTO). He is a former Primary Patent Examiner and a former Patent Examiner Trainer at the USPTO.