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3D Object Recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup won US-China Investment Forum award

From PR Newswire May 22, 2018

Potomac, Maryland, USA, May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Z Advanced Computing, Inc. (ZAC), the 3D (three-dimensional) Object Recognition General-AI (General-Artificial Intelligence) software startup, was invited by US-China Innovation Alliance to participate in the 2018 InnoStars Competition, among more than 120 startup companies, in Houston, Texas, on May 14-15, 2018, where ZAC won the "Judge's Choice Award" in Artificial Intelligence (AI) category. InnoStars Competition, an innovation and investment forum, was attended by a few hundred leading investors and industry executives of major corporations from China. During the conference, ZAC was invited by US-China Innovation Alliance, as well as a research institute and a major corporation in China, for 3 separate (all-expenses paid) trips to China to visit major companies and major investors for ZAC's next round of funding.

ZAC Judge’s Choice Award

Caption: ZAC won the Judge’s Choice Award in Artificial Intelligence (AI) category at 2018 InnoStars Competition, attended by a few hundred leading investors and industry executives of major corporations from China.


Dr. Bijan Tadayon (CEO of ZAC) has also been invited to chair and deliver the Keynote Speech at the "AI & Smart Cities" session at the 5th Annual Global Congress of Knowledge Economy (GCKE) 2018, in Qingdao, China (September 7-9, 2018). The conference's theme is "Seeking Sustainable Future in a Smart World".

"ZAC's technology enables image search in a wide variety of applications, such as e-commerce, image ad network, autonomous vehicles and drones, medical imaging, satellite imaging, biometrics, and security," said Dr. Bijan Tadayon.

"For complex tasks, the Specific-AI techniques, such as Deep Neural Networks and Reinforced Learning, do not work at all, even with an extremely large number of training samples. That's basically hitting the limits of the Specific-AI techniques. So, for complex tasks, ZAC General-AI Platform is replacing Neural Networks," said Dr. Saied Tadayon (CTO of ZAC).

ZAC's intellectual property portfolio comprises over 450 inventions, including 11 issued US patents.

ZAC has an impressive team of scientists and developers. The development is headed by Saied Tadayon, a scientist and veteran software developer, who got his PhD from Cornell at age 23. ZAC's world-renowned advisors include Prof. David Lee (Nobel Laureate in Physics), Prof. Mory Gharib (Vice Provost of Research for Caltech), and Prof. Robert Buhrman (Fmr. Sr. Vice Provost of Research for Cornell).

Following an earlier angel investment, ZAC obtained funding from the State of Maryland (TEDCO).

For those interested, a demo may be arranged by appointment.

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