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Artificial Intelligence Startup Funded for Patented Image Recognition Breakthrough by State of Maryland, having 450 Inventions

From PR Newswire March 29, 2016

Potomac, Maryland, March 29, 2016 - Z Advanced Computing, Inc. ("ZAC") has developed a revolutionary Machine Learning and Image Recognition technology for its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Discovery platform. "Our platform is a discovery machine, and it keeps on learning new features, as humans do," said Dr. Bijan Tadayon, CEO of ZAC. "This is a really big deal for AI, because we now can get very specific details from images."
Following an angel round of funding in 2014, ZAC obtained funding from the State of Maryland (TEDCO) in 2016 for its shoe recognition and search platform, to help people find shoes at merchants' websites via images. "We can find the details of shoes that others can't, including one-off features," said Dr. Saied Tadayon, CTO of ZAC. "Our approach has made our technology superior to others. As a result, our platform is not only modularized and reusable, it needs much fewer training samples for Machine Learning."

The platform will be the integral part of Image Search Engine for Image Referral Network and Image Ad Network, to automate generation and placement of highly-relevant targeted ads based on images in a large scale for the first time in the industry. ZAC's AI Discovery platform can also be used for other types of images, data, or objects, e.g., clothing, purse, accessories, medical images, satellite images, and biometrics.

ZAC has an impressive team of scientists and developers. The software development is headed by Saied Tadayon, a veteran software developer and scientist, who got PhD from Cornell at age 23. One of ZAC's inventors is Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh ("The Father of Fuzzy Logic"), a pioneer computer scientist at U.C. Berkeley. Other world-renowned advisors include Prof. David Lee (Nobel Laureate in Physics), Prof. Mory Gharib (Vice Provost of Research for Caltech), Prof. Robert Buhrman (Sr. Vice Provost of Research for Cornell), Prof. Ronald Yager (Director of the Machine Intelligence Institute), Prof. Mo Jamshidi (Founding Director of NASA Center for Autonomous Control Engineering at Univ. of Texas), and Dr. Marv Langston (First CIO of US Dept. of Navy).

ZAC's intellectual property portfolio comprises over 450 inventions, including 9 issued US patents, which cover Machine Learning and Image and Pattern Recognition.

Bijan Tadayon, PhD, JD
CEO, Z Advanced Computing, Inc.
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